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I went to the doctor 3 months ago. I was not sure what was wrong with me. First visit I told the doctor my symptoms. (Tired, tense muscles, shortness of breath, dizziness) The doctor said it could be allergies. He gave me hydroxyzine 25mg. I started with a dose every 4 hours. They seem to help me breathe better and relax.

This drug was given to my 4 year old daughter who was suffering from "anxiety" over the past 3 years. It 'began with her pulling her hair, then she started biting her nails and surrounding skin infections until she was among the small fingers. The last straw was when he started back to the skin on the lips ... and pull it out until your lips bleed and cry bc between two fingers and lips, it hurts. The pediatrician finally said lets try this ... and AMEN! How I wish that I have heard before! Calm the need to scratch, it gives me the opportunity to sleep at night, relieving the symptoms of my alergy (coughing, sneezing, runny nose), in general, keeps me out of my mind ... When not using itthe me itching to climb the wall. It softens my mood, which allows me to act and react with others.

I started with 25 mg 1 tab once a day 7 years ago for autoimmune urticaria. After two months, the hives were managed and scabies was not. Over the years, I have begun to reduce the dose of 1 board 1/2 cp, tab up 1/4 as prescribed by your doctor. and ive been on board the fourth dose of 3 years and almost never appeared hives. 3 days ago I stopped taking it to see if hives appear, on the third day today, I'm not sure if this headache and nausea are symptoms of withdrawal. anyone experienced the same thing?

On May 19, 2008, I was diagnosed with cellulitis and was prescribed Atarax for itching. I use with kamagra jelly - no problems! My legs, arms and face were affected and the itching was unbearable. I noticed an improvement within 2 days and a complete loss of scabies by day 4. I highly recommend it to others. The brand that I was Hydroxyz Hcl. I took 50 mg. 3 times daily for 7 days.